Children's Music and Ed-U-Tainment

What do a Southern rock and roll guy and a Broadway Baby, who was too tall to dance (all the boys came up to her navel) have in common?


They have the humor, creativity, energy and talent that it takes to motivate, invigorate, and educate your participants during keynotes, breakout sessions,

and workshops.  Although he might speak with a drawl y’all and she might speak with rounded tones, they both know how to communicate to meet your goals and get your message across.

Caroline Figiel and Danny Jones combine their life stories and professional experiences as parents, educators, writers and entertainers to speak about

uch topics as disability awareness, early childhood and elementary education, childhood obesity, bully prevention, music, storytelling and communication.

Whether it's a keynote or workshop, Caroline and Danny's interactive and edu-taining style gets audiences involved, inspired and informed!

Past topics have included…

Differentiated Instruction: Experienced Learning

This motivational and interactive keynote will be about real people, real situations, real

strategies and real successes that will inspire teachers to implement differentiated instruction

into their classrooms. Using storytelling, music, a strong educational foundation, and multi

media presentation, participants will examine their influence over a child's academic, cognitive

and social/emotional development. This keynote will examine what teachers think they are

teaching and ask the question what are students actually learning. Food For Thought: What Are You Serving?

This opening session presents a buffet of fun, energetic music, motivational stories

and nutritional knowledge. With a dab of entertainment and a dash of education, it's

guaranteed to treat and inspire participants. A great first course pack with nutritional value to

feed the soul!

Tourism with a Technical Twist: how to use marketing that edu-tains

In these tough economic times, utilizing your dollars to get the most “bang for your buck” is more important than ever! In this session we will reveal how to:

  • Explore opportunities to increase revenue, web traffic and attandance to your area

  • Develop a product that will “edu-tain” your visitors with an interactive experience

  • Discover your city’s story regardless of whether you work for a large CVB or a small one

  • Utilize digital storytelling to reach your visitors through nontraditional methods

  • Brainstorm cooperative spending to get the job done!

Telling Stories That Teach-A Portal to Interactive Learning:

(early childhood, elementary, middle, high school, special needs, guidance, librarians, after school providers)

Participants learn how to design story telling to achieve curriculum goals using

props, songs, movement and other methods. Technique will be discussed as participants learn

to make a story “jump off the page”

Old Stories-New Twist (a workshop for 5th grade students and up)

Students become peer tellers/peer leaders by learning multiple storytelling techniques

and attention grabbing strategies that allow them to present character building stories

that teach important lessons to younger students and open up communication about

tough topics either through discussion or follow up activities. (This workshop

incorporates elements of language arts as well.)

Integrating Character Education into the Classroom:

(early childhood, elementary, guidance, special needs, after school providers)

Learn how to tell interactive stories, sing entertaining songs and use creative, sound

educational activities, to integrate character topics such as:

  • helpfulness

  • Lempathy

  • LBullying

  • Teasing

  • Responsibility and Respect

into your existing curriculum. Whether it’s center and circle times for early childhood

or the core subject areas in elementary school, participants will learn how to make

age- old values relevant to a child’s life.

Caroline and Danny's Teachers' Toolbox: Building a Positive Learning Experience

(early childhood, special needs, librarians and music educators)

Learn to create a positive learning environment by using interactive music and

movement as a teaching tool. This session is designed to help teachers understand

the importance of children's ability to predict and understand their surroundings as

well as their need to possess a verbal or signed vocabulary to express their feelings.

Promoting an emotionally healthy child makes them receptive to learning.

Participants will learn kid friendly songs and extension activities to make transitions
easier in the class, teach and reinforce early childhood concepts such as language acquisition,
social/emotional development, health, nutrition, fitness and safety.

Sense-sational Teaching: A multisensory approach to teaching

(early childhood, special needs)

Explore thematic units using the 5 senses. This session incorporates:

  • music

  • art

  • social skills

  • literacy

  • math

  • science

  • safety

Learn how different children’s sensory issues influence their learning styles and

learn strategies to adapt to this so that no child is truly left behind.

Shake and Bake: building the foundations of health, nutrition and fitness

(early childhood, elementary, nutritionist, special needs)

In this workshop educators continue to foster the whole child with thought

provoking and exciting strategies to get kids active, eating right and staying healthy

while building the foundations for good health and social/emotional habits.

Integrating Character Education through Music

(music educators)

This workshop will introduce various song leading and storytelling methods along

with sound education activities that can be easily implemented. Participants will

learn how to use music to creatively incorporate character education outside of the

music class and into their school’s existing curriculum while still teaching basic

musical elements such as:

  • Form

  • Harmony

  • Melody

  • Rhythm

Techno Teaching (No computer experience required)

(elementary, middle, high school music educators)

Using practical computer programs for recording, composing, and arranging music,

this workshop will expose participants to recording their keyboard onto the

computer and playing it back as most any instrument, at any tempo and key along

with mixing and editing music. This is a great “hands on” way to learn about using

technology to teach basic musical elements, arranging and composing in an

interesting way.