Children's Music and Ed-U-Tainment

Outstanding! High Energy! Top Notch! Lively! Insightful!

…are just some of the adjectives used to describe Caroline and Danny’s Concerts and Student Workshops….


Performances are designed for children preschool-5th grade


The Kids Value Pack Concert (National Character Education AND National Music Curriculum preschool-5th)

is an interactive, imaginative performance of stories and songs that emphasize character topics such as: respect, teasing, bullying, peer pressure,

and helpfulness. With the incorporation of humor, sign language, movement, props and audience participation into the concert,

children learn while having fun. The catchy songs and entertaining stories connect age-old character words to students’ real life experiences


Caroline and Danny’s Pollution Patrol (preschool-3nd)

Preservation, conservation and respect for the environment are emphasized in this interactive, fun concert of stories and songs that was

originally designed for Zoo Atlanta. Edutainers, Caroline Figiel and Danny Jones use new music from their nationally recognized music

and character education curricula plus stories, puppets and objects to get kids excited about being part of the “Pollution Patrol”.


Caroline and Danny’s Shake and Bake (preschool-3nd)

This action pack program serves up a buffet of songs with a dab of entertainment and a dash of education to get kids active, eating right and staying healthy!!


Student Workshops are designed for families and/or children in 4th grade and up


Old Stories-New Twist (a workshop for 4th grade students through high school)

In this highly interactive and entertaining workshop, students become peer leaders by learning multiple storytelling techniques

and attention grabbing strategies that allow them to present character building stories that teach. Storytelling and writing elements are discussed that coincide with language arts programs.



Writing Stories To Tell (a workshop for middle school and high school students) Using their storytelling and song writing experience,

Caroline and Danny inspire students to write and tell stories based on personal experiences, memories and family history.

Basic elements of story writing will be included. A perfect way to let students find an individual connection to history, family and traditional stories



Do you have your own sound system?

For bookings in Georgia or drivable states, we have our own sound system. For out of state venues, we will provide a technical needs list and discuss options to meet your needs.


What is the recommended age and size of the audience?

Most of our concerts listed have a recommended age but we are flexible and experienced enough to alter our program to meet the needs of the attending audience. We can perform for large or small groups.


Do you tie in reading to your programs?

We are nationally recognized “edutainers” with a love of reading!!! Oftentimes we will tell folktales or stories based on books. We also conclude each concert with encouragement for children to find out more about the subjects covered by reading suggested books. We will work with your suggestions.


How do you involve the children?

Our philosophy is to perform WITH the children not FOR them. To accomplish this goal, we provide lots of participation opportunities such as: signing, singing, movement, sound effects, discussion and of COURSE laughter!!!!


Other programs can be designed to meet your needs.